About SoulFest Merch

SoulFest, New England's Premier Christian music & social justice festival, is held annually at the beautiful Gunstock Mountain Resort in Gilford, NH.

The purpose of SoulFest is to celebrate God's love and encourage all who attend to live from the inside out as soul- connected risk-taking Believer in God's love. A clearer understanding of God's love will increase our capacity to love ourselves, those who we live with, and our neighbors. Our capacity to take action against any injustice will increase when we truly believe that God's love is real, for everyone, prevails and is unconditional.

We here at the SoulFest are passionate about social responsibility.

The concept of a “God of Justice” in scripture is unavoidable. Just as unavoidable through the scripture is the call to love your neighbor, care for those less-fortunate, supply to the orphan and the widows, and the list goes on. “True religion” is even described in James 1:27 as looking after the orphans and the widows. Jesus says something very radical in Matthew 25:40. He says whatever we do for the “least of these” we do for Him. So we do these things through the lens of the gospel and with the examples and teachings of Christ in mind.  We use the festival as a platform for raising awareness and funds to aide in the fight against human trafficking, to provide clean water solutions to impoverished nations, or to create orphanages, schools, and give medical care to children who have access to none of those things.  Therefore, we naturally are motivated by this same call to consider the materials and processes used for the SoulFest apparel.

Because of this, all of our apparel is made with 100% slave-free labor. We care about the sources of our products, and we want to make sure that we are doing our part to promote social responsibility. Every product we sell brings us one step closer to our goal of raising awareness about social injustices in our world today. 

With each purchase you are supporting the SoulFest and doing good, which feels good…as good as you’ll look in your SoulFest apparel!